10 Effective ways to keep your Employees happy and motivated

10 Effective ways to keep your Employees happy and motivated

As employers, we set high expectation from our employees to remain productive and professional at work. In most scenarios, big employers recruit candidates with an exceptionally strong background. And soon enough, they build a strong team that brings initial high value and growth for the company. But the real question is, that later on, do these employees continue to stay within the organization? Or do they quit in pursuit of better prospects elsewhere?


Quite often, what we really fail to realize is that we should rather focus on making our employees happy. After all, if an employee is happy at work, he is more likely to remain productive and perform his tasks more efficiently at work. Surprisingly, major researches around the world have come to a conclusion that salary isn’t the only criteria that leads to employee happiness. Let us understand what all other factors are that contribute to an employee’s happiness and motivation:


  1. Communicate Effectively

Both verbal and non-verbal forms of communication in the form of eye-contact, body postures etc. are quintessential in promoting a happy workplace. Communicate as much as possible with your employees by holding regular meetings, keeping a track of their day-to-day progress and also give them confidence that they can speak their issues with you. Effective communication has proven to be three times more effective in employee engagement as opposed to workplaces with no employee-employer communication at all.


  1. Reward Deserving Employees

Keeping in mind the tone of your company’s culture, include a rewarding system that makes your employees feel appreciated and valued. Continually rewarding and appreciating your employees inculcates a sense of belongingness with their employers. It also harbors team work and motivation as employees strive to work harder at work. Small efforts like taking employees out for team lunch, sending congratulatory emails and handing out bonuses are a great way of showing appreciation and value.


  1. Provide on-site training

An effective sales and training program is associated with a significant drop in the attrition rate in a company. A well-designed orientation program for new employees gives them a thorough insight into what the company’s journey has been. Company specific training policy, regular mentoring and empowering them with skills makes them feel valued, leading to a reduced staff turnover and increased workplace productivity.


  1. Conduct ‘Stay’ Interviews

Exit interviews are a norm in the corporate world. However, it is the more recent ‘Stay Interviews’ practice that makes employees feel that they are required within the company. Employees serving long tenure should be asked their reasons for such long association with the company. Doing this helps in creating a congenial environment and makes them feel nurtured. It also helps in addressing any intermittent issues that an employee would have been facing.



  1. Setting up Human Resource Strategies

Ensure to build a strong and robust Human Resource team that is capable of catering to all domains of HR. Having a good HR team of personnel makes it possible to handle varied functions pertaining to employee benefits like perks, bonuses, paid leaves, reviews and many other tasks. Having at least a single individual within the team helps in handling each HR related task with sheer dedication and reliability.


  1. Schedule team building activities

No matter how diverse all teams within the company are or how multi-varied all operations are, it is important to have proper team building activities in place to create an environment of inclusion and oneness. Conduct friendly team outings, social gatherings, games, eat-outs and celebrate special occasions together from time to foster team spirit.


  1. Offer separate relaxation space

Taking intermittent break from work is as crucial as performing tasks at work laboriously. Allow some breather and respite to employees at work. Create a separate relaxation space to allow for rejuvenation, indoor sports, meditation, stretching and overall relaxation of mind, body and soul that can encourage employees to concentrate even more at work.


8.    Provide workplace flexibility

Different employees might have varied situations of pursuing their tenure at work while they are associated with the company. Some of them might prefer working from home few days in a month, as opposed to spending time commuting all the way to work. Encourage these kinds of workplace flexibility to your employees as long as the overall productivity isn’t getting hampered.


  1. Show gratitude

Employees seek for employers who show their trust on them and appreciate them for every job done right. Offer acknowledgement and gratitude to your employees for doing a good job. On the down side, if they are not able to meet your expectations on a job, refrain from punishing them. Instead, talk to them in person, inform them about the right way of doing things and encourage them to resume their task without feeling disheartened. Saying thank you is the least that you can do to make your employees feel respected and valued. Encourage personal thank you gestures, public acknowledgment, thank you emails and other such things as a sign of gratitude.


10.Allow flexibility in dress code

Allowing employees to choose what they can wear at work inculcates a sense of responsibility in them. It also reflects creativity and allows them to break the shackles of imagination. Setting guidelines of appropriate dressing is the right thing to do but employers need to refrain from going overboard with it. Setting too many restrictions might hamper productivity and curb individuality within the company.

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