8 best Sales habits of successful Sales Executives

8 best Sales habits of successful Sales Executives


Sales team plays a crucial role in shaping the success of a company. Successful sales people have a ‘go-getter’ attitude in them. Their innate personality carves them into successful story tellers and they are well equipped with technical know-how and ways to generate more and more revenue for the company.


While it won’t be hard to differentiate between good and mediocre sales persons, perfecting the art of turning into a successful sales executive is not something that can be learnt out of reading a book.  In order to fall into the category of a successful sales executive, there are some great sales habits that a good sales executive is expected to adhere to. And behind the extraordinary sales performance lies the ample time spent in sharpening these sales skills and the undying urge to improve upon them with every new client. Below is a compilation of 8 best sales habits of successful sales executives that every high performing sales person abides by. Take a look:


1.      Investing time in knowing your product

A top sales person knows his products or services thoroughly well. The more he is able to demonstrate his knowledge about products or services, more likely it is for customers to trust him. Some of the top sales persons are believed to have spent sufficient time in learning every aspect of the product and keeping them updated with any changes that are expected to take place. More so, subscribing to news and articles related to their topics too gives them an edge to expand their knowledge and perform better at sales.


2. Focusing on right sales opportunities

A top sales person knows well which sales prospects to give their time to. Instead of diverting their energy into convincing people who are least likely to buy your product or service, they rather prefer spending time on converting leads into sales from people who seem to be more inclined. Also, they know how to modify their sales pitch each time they meet a new client and thinking out of the box comes naturally to them.


3.      Avoiding a promise they can’t keep

A top sales person knows well how to keep his or her promise. Sales people who fall into the trap of saying what the customer wants to hear are more likely to miss out on making a deal. A top sales person, instead, checks his answer before promising something to the customer.


4.      Preparing well in advance

A top sales person believes in proper planning to avoid any scope of poor performance. Top sales persons are well prepared for a big client meeting, and in most cases, they also keep a diary handy with all the essential notes. After all, a high level of preparation is all that makes a difference in bagging a big client. Prior preparations also help them in tackling challenges and bracing them in answering the questions of a customer in an efficient manner.

5.      Focusing on Active Listening

A famous saying goes, “A good sales person knows they have two ears and only one mouth”. A top-performing sales person knows exactly when to stop talking and actively listens to what the customer is looking for. They, quite often, practice active listening and questioning skills in their weekly sales team meetings and also welcome all kinds of feedback that helps them in improving upon themselves. Additionally, they also believe in registering their conversations in a diary that allows them to remember at all times what next to be done.


6. Using CRM tools

A top performing sales person uses Customer Relationship Management Tools efficiently that helps him to fuel new sales strategies and achieve high quality sales force automation. In addition to CRM, making use of emailing, call scheduling and sales stack also gives them an upper edge from their mediocre counterparts. They are also in a habit of timely feeding their notes from excel sheets into their CRM that allows them to gain access to easily available data.


7. Maintaining work life balance

While excelling at work is paramount, a top performing sales person spends quality personal time and adopts a healthy way of living. Exercising regularly and taking sufficient sleep allows them to off-load sales pressure and perform even better the following day at work.  Moreover, some of them even take out time to read regularly and carry out research in order to keep themselves up-to-date with what is going on around them.


8. Expanding your network and seeking for new contacts

A top sales person never gets satiated with the number of leads he has and is always in the lookout for more. And one great way that helps him in achieving this is to never close a deal without asking for a new lead or an introduction to someone new. While most sales persons shy away from asking for more potential leads, top performing ones always close a sales meeting by asking for contacts of more potential clients.








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