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Welcome to Golden Egg Recruiting & Training |  Call us on 0161 974 7080


Technical Manager-Northwich-£45,000 - £55,000 | Golden Egg Recruiting

Technical Manager-Northwich-£45,000 - £55,000 | Golden Egg Recruiting


Position Statement:

  • Heading up product development for hot melts and labeling adhesives to give market leading advantages with hands-on approach
  • Technical testing for find suitable products for customers applications
  • Ensure quality standards and track + tracability are in place and systems are in place to support sales team
  • Retain QC samples are collected and stored correctly
  • Supporting customers trials and field support in a technical capacity

Performance Objectives:

  1. Put Alphabond in leading position with market leading in-house novel products
  2. Oversee toll manufacturing scale-up
  3. Enable sales team to focus on growth by taking testing and development work off them

Compliance Expectations:

  1. Total commitment to the companies Triple-R values – responsibility, results and relationships
  2. Commitment to Mission and Vision of the business

Roles and Responsibilities:

DEPT 1 – Technical service management

  1. Oversea evaluation and match customers substrate materials with suitable adhesives for the application
  2. Oversea Test products in different environments and document results for Sales team
  3. Supporting line trials in technical capacity

DEPT 2 – R&D of new Products

  1. Developing market leading novel products
  2. Evaluate raw material technologies and use key technologies to bring advanced products to the company
  3. Souce and Partner with key toll producers
  4. Bring USP’s to the company and eliminate dependence on suppliers R&D facilities
  5. Able to research and bring together key partners to ensure latest technology is available

DEPT 3 – Quality control

  1. Ensure all products in are track and traceable
  2. Ensure compliance with ISO9001 standards
  3. Implement KPI’s to show departments progress

DEPT 4  – Systematised

Put in system in place like a ‘think tank’ to systematize research and put evaluation of products into a database

DEPT 5  – Legal Compliance

  1. To ensure we are complying legally with regulations such as Reach etc
  2. Writing MSDS sheets

Key Performance Indicators:

  1. GP from Successful New product developments launched
  2. Technical tests completed

Essential Selection Criteria:

  1. Minimum of 5 years experience in adhesives in either formulating or technical service
  2. Experienced in the raw material technologies
  3. Must be computer literate to a reasonable degree of proficiency in office including: word, excel etc
  4. Positive, friendly and cheerful disposition
  5. Demonstrated ability to build systems within laboratory environment
  6. Able to work as part of a team
  7. Look and act in a professional manner


Ideal Selection Criteria:

  1. Experience in manufacture and processing adhesives
  2. Preferred to have someone with sales experience


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