Data Analyst – Bolton

Data Analyst Role

Based in Bolton


Salary £20,000


  • Develop records management processes and policies
  • Identify areas to increase efficiency and automation of processes
  • Set up and maintain automated data processes
  • Identify, evaluate and implement tools to support data validation and cleansing
  • Produce and track Key Performance Indicators
  • Develop and Support reporting processes
  • Monitor and audit data quality
  • Prepare reports for internal and external audiences using business analytics reporting tools
  • Create data dashboards, graphs and visualisations to support the day to day running of the business

Whats Is Expected

  • Role is office based
  • Data analysts work for all types of departments
  • You’ll be working with complex systems, requiring a high level of concentration and attention to detail
  • You’ll need excellent communication skills in order to interpret client requirements and present data in a clear and compelling way

Job Skills

  • Minimum of one years in a statistics, data, or analytical position
  • Strong communication, analytical, and critical thinking skills
  • Extensive knowledge of Excel
  • Experience with MySQL, SQL, or another industry standard database technology will be an advantage but not essential



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