Job interviews these days have started to cover a broader spectrum than before. In addition to the usual face-to-face interviews, phone interviews have, time and again, proved to be effective in the recruitment circuit. And these phone interviews have their own set of upsides and downsides. On one hand, these serve as the right platform to bring multiple opportunities to impress your interviewer, but even a small blunder can work against your favour.


Telephone interviews are much more than simply making call to your friends or families or lead some sales meetings at work. This section brings to you some amazing phone interview tips in the form of do’s and don’ts to help you get an edge over other candidates appearing for the interview. Take a look:

List of all the do’s:

  1. Conduct your research thoroughly.
  2. Keep your CV and other related documents handy.
  3. Check that your phone connection is spot on. And also that your phone battery is fully charged.
  4. Take notes as and when needed.
  5. Speak clearly to make sure your voice is heard at the interviewer’s end.
  6. Be vocal and inform your interviewer if you can’t hear.
  7. Follow up after a day or two to check the status of your job application.
  8. Keep smiling while conversing as it gets reflected on the other side. Take normal breaths.


List of all the don’ts:

  1. Put up an informal voicemail.
  2. Sit in public and noisy spaces to avoid any distraction during interview.
  3. Take call on speaker phone.
  4. Multi-task.
  5. Talk too much or too less.
  6. Discuss salary and other benefits during the first round of interview.
  7. Eat or drink during interview.
  8. Sound bored.

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